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The winter time blues don't effect me like they used too. Well, that is unless our Thursday night racing is iced, or snowed out, then I get bummed out. Think you have what it takes to beat the some of the best local H.O. drivers? Give Tom Hiester a call today, or send him an email. This is by far and away the cheapest form of racing that you, or your child can get into. We have a blast each week, it's all about racing don't get me wrong, but at the same time we are having a great time and joking with each other, which makes this the best form of racing that I am proud to be a part of.

One last thought, we do not cheat, cheaters are not welcome, if you do race, and we catch you cheating, you will never race with us again. Tom has kept the rules simple, the way they should be, and that in turn has kept racing costs at a level where nobody is going to go broke in order to race.  Any additional information needed can be found on the links provided below the schedule.

2018-19 Racing Season will soon be in action. Most Every Thursday Night

If we have bad weather on Thursday nights, call 610-796-0490 after 5pm,

 or check the PA TYCO SERIES website at:

Become a race sponsor, please let TOM HIESTER know. Sponsorships are available.

Check out Tom's H.O. Parts website at:   or email Tom at:

PA TYCO SERIES TRACK:  Freddie Mac's Speedways / Owner: Fred McCullough

Lenhartsville, PA. / 610-562-4218






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